StakeMars Universe
StakeMars Universe
A Free to Play NFT decentralized strategy RPG game on Blockchain. Earning the Rewards from Play to Earn Game, Betting Gacha, Staking and Trading NFTs.
StakeMars Universe

What is StakeMars Universe

StakeMars Universe (STU) is the cross-chain gaming token on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (MATIC) Chain.
This is the next step of StakeMars platform. As our strong and active dev team, we decided to create a NFT game to utilize our very cute mascots and give more use case to the token.
The STU game is a strategy RPG game on Polygon (MATIC) Chain which opens for everyone to play for free and earn by playing or "Free to Play, Play to Earn" concept.
STU will be used through in-game purchase and trading on our Marketplace. Almost all items in the game will be able to trade via the marketplace. Therefore, players can earn by selling currency that earn in the game to LP and selling Hero, Items or etc via the marketplace.
Of course, STU has no transaction tax unlike STM. That why we decided to issue STU instead of using STM and STM holders can convert their STM to STU (1:1) without paying any fee.
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