How to buy Matic/BNB and transfer the same from Binance to your DeFi Wallet
Matic Coin
1) Open Binance Application
2) Make sure you have funds available in your Spot Wallet. In my case, I have prepared 100 USDT.
3) Go to "Market" menu on the bottom left and in the "Search Box" on the top, type "Matic".
4) Then choose one of the currency pairs shown below. Since I have prepared USDT, I will go with "MATIC/USDT".
5) At the bottom, Click "Buy". Then fill in the box "Price" and "Quantity" and click "Buy Matic"
6) After the transaction is finished. Go back to your "Spot Wallet" and make sure you have received "Matic".
7) Transfer your money to "Polygon Chain" by clicking "Matic", and, on the bottom right, click "Withdrawal".
8) Fill in the following information
8.1) Address - your "Wallet Address". For anyone who doesn't have the address, please follow the following instructions,
8.1.1) How to create a wallet and get an address :
8.1.2) How to connect your wallet to BSC or Matic Chain :
8.2) Network - choose "Matic" and click "Confirm"
8.3) Amount - Fill the amount of Matic you want to transfer, and, on the bottom right of the page, click "Withdrawal".
Then the "Confirm Order" will pop up. Make sure everything is correct and click "Confirm"
9) The "Verification Page" will pop up asking you to fill in code. Complete it and click "Submit" button.
Then your transfer request will pop up as "Request Submitted"
10) Check your MetaMask Wallet and make sure you have received the money!
BNB Coin
All the steps are almost same as Matic. Just a few points different
1) As per Step 3 above, just buy BNB instead of Matic.
2) When it comes to "Withdrawal" under the "Network" section, please choose BSC instead of Matic.
3) Check your wallet if you have received the money.
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