How to play Gacha (DeFi Slots)
StakeMars Protocol has announced its Grand-Opening of the First Product on July 26, 2021.
In essence, StakeMars' Gacha is basically a DeFi Slots Game that allows players from all around the world to DeFinancially enjoy the allure of a Slot Machine Game under Blockchain Technology.
We can say that this is the First-Ever DeFi Slots in crypto world which is fully developed by StakeMars Protocol Team.
Transparency and Traceability are the pros of being De-Fi.
Unlike those online gambling websites we have seen on the internet, in our DeFi Slots, every transaction is safe, transparent, and can be traced & inspected.
Also, our DeFi Slots enables players to choose to be "The House" or "The Player" with the Referral Program to earn more incentives from the game.
There are 4 simple steps to play our Gacha
Step 1 : Connect your wallet to "Polygon Chain"
Go to your wallet (I am giving an example of MetaMask) --> Settings --> Networks --> Choose "Polygon Chain"
Step 2 : Make sure you have Matic Coin in your wallet.
In case you don't have one, you can buy from Sushi Swap
Step 3 : Go to
On the top right corner of the page, change network to "Polygon"
Then Scroll down until you see "Play Gacha" and "Be the House".
Click "Approve" and "Confirm"
Once it is approved, the red and yellow button will appear.
You can now access the game and choose to be "The House" or "The Player"
Step 4 : Play Gacha
There are 2 modes in our Gacha Game (DeFi Slots).
1) Normal Mode (Buy Nebula Button)
There are 3 betting size in this mode which are, -Small - 2.00 USDC -Medium - 10.00 USDC -Large - 50.00 USDC
and there are five rewards which are, -Supernova (80% of the Jackpot Pool) -Star (10x your wager) - 2% Chance -Platnet (2x your wager) - 32% Chance -Asteroid (0.5x your wager) - 24% Chance -Dust (0x your wager) - 42% Chance
You have to choose the betting size and fill the amount in the box.
Once you have finished, click "Buy & Place" and confirm the transaction.
Then a transaction confirmation will pop up.
When the transaction process is finished, you will the "Result" button inside the box. Just click the same to see the result.
Wow, I got a Planet! this means 2x my wager which is 4 USDC.
Also, you can track the transaction by clicking "PolygonScan".
2) Custom Mode (Custom Game Button)
In this mode, you are free to choose your wager and winning chance yourself.
I am being a little bit conservative here. Putting 2 USDC Bet and 98% winning chance. It shows the payout will be 2.00 USDC. Let's see the result.
Well, no doubt, I got 2 USDC.
Let us try one more time. This time I will be a little bit more aggressive. 10 USDC and 85% Winning Chance.
And the result is...
Amazing! I got 11.529411 USDC. My cost is 10 USDC, so the profit is 1.529411!
And that's all for the "How To".
I hope everyone will enjoy playing our world's first DeFi Slots Game!
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