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StakeMars' Gachapon Game Explained
StakeMars' Gachapon Game is a unique DeFi Game built on Polygon Chain inspired by a popular Japanese vending machine style game called "Gachapon" which is basically a Slot Machine!
With the same Gachapon Idea, we have created the First-Ever DeFi Slot Machine Game in crypto world under blockchain technology that enables players from all around the world to DeFinancially enjoy the allure of this DeFi Slot Machine that lies in the mystery of what rewards you will receive.
Also, our system allows everyone to choose whether you want to be "The House" or "The Player"
How to Play
The rule is simple! 1) You will have to buy "Nebula Egg" There are 3 play lines you can choose which are -Small -Medium -Large 2) After buying the Nebula, the egg itself will be placed and grown automatically by the system. Just wait until the process is finished and see the result. 3) Claim your Reward!
Rewards There are five level of rewards as follows, 1) Dust 2) Asteroid 3) Planet 4) Star 5) Supernova
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