StakeMars Universe
Incentive for STM holders
1) Staking System
There are two staking systems. One is on Binance Smart Chain and the other one is on Polygon Chain.
1.1) Binance Smart Chain Deposit STM on our BSC System to earn fee as BNB from each transaction (4% of every transaction is taken and made rewards to all STM stakers back according to their portion of the pool).
1.2) Polygon Chain Deposit STM on our Polygon System to earn fee as USDC from the Gacha Game. -0.375% for a custom mode -0.750% for a normal mode
2) Gacha Game Privileges
There are privileges for STM holders! By holding 20,000 STMs or more, you will get
2.1) Get 1% discount from buying a Nebula Egg every game you play under the "Normal Mode".
2.2) Get 1% higher reward value when you win the "Customer Mode". (for example, if the normal reward is USD 100, you will receive 100 plus 1% which is USD 101)
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